Chronic Ankle Instability

person holding their ankle due to pain

A sudden sprain in the ankle from a rolling or twisting injury can often turn up as negative on x-rays, because there is no bone that is broken.  What is not seen on x-ray, however, is the crucial ligaments around the ankle that become strained, distended, and sometimes even ruptured, with an injury such as this.  These ligaments give the ankle joint its stability.  Very often, a very bad sprain of the ankle occurs in patients with a long history of "weak ankles."  This syndrome actually has a name, and it is called chronic ankle instability.

Treatment for this condition depends on many factors, and can include conservative measures, as well as surgical options.  Physical therapy, bracing, proper supportive shoe gear, and periods of protected weightbearing followed by strengthening are all viable options.  For severe cases, surgery to strengthen or re-create the ligaments around the ankle can be an option.  Our podiatrists

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