4D Custom Orthotics In Central PA

Benefits of 4D Custom Orthotics

Foot with Orthotic.

Whether you stand on your feet all day and want to reduce your foot pain or want to add extra cushioning in your shoes, custom orthotics can provide improve both situations. Usually recommended to relieve intense discomfort and pain, prescription orthotics are specially made devices designed to provide comfort and support to the feet. We offer custom orthotics that match the contours of your feet and are designed exactly for the way you move. As a result, your legs, ankles and feet get the support they need. At Foot and Ankle Specialists of Central PA, we understand how important it is to stay mobile, so we can provide long-lasting devices that work.

What To Expect During Your Orthotics Fitting Appointment

During your first appointment in our office, our caring staff members will discuss your current situation and ask some general questions about your daily activity and what devices you currently use. Next, we will take a 3D static image of your foot as well as a dynamic biomechanical scan of your gait. We also use state-of-the-art equipment like laser scanning to electronically capture the dimensions of the affected area. All these images are viewed and shared with you, so we can explain your diagnosis and discuss your options. The final scan is sent away for manufacturing of the orthotic. During this time, we can also offer additional suggestions for pain management while you wait for delivery.

Follow-Up Visits

After the initial fitting visit, you’ll be expected to come in for a follow-up visit when the device arrives. During this appointment, you’ll try out the new orthotic by inserting it into your shoe and walking around the office to detect any areas that pinch. If both you and our orthotist agree on the fit, the process is complete. If additional modifications are needed, extra office visits may be necessary. The goal is to ensure you have a device that is comfortable and fits perfectly to your body and for your lifestyle.

During this follow-up visit, it’s important to mention any concerns you have about your device. Some devices are much easier to fit than others, while some require precise fittings, which can increase your time for getting a device that works.

Our Prescription Custom Orthotics

Our prescription custom orthotics are very similar to over-the-counter inserts that go inside the shoe. The biggest difference with orthotics is they are truly customized to your feet, which makes them extremely effective.

Prescription orthotics are made from top-of-the-line materials, which means they last for several years when cared for properly. Because these devices are ordered through your physician’s office and often recommended by your orthotist, they are usually paid for or partially covered by most insurance plans.

When caring for your orthotics, we recommend gently scrubbing with mild soap and water on a soft cloth. Baby powder may be used to eliminate any squeaking that occurs.

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For more information on custom orthotics or if you are experiencing any type of foot, leg or ankle pain, contact Foot and Ankle Specialists of Central PA in Mechanicsburg at (717) 620-8225. We can schedule an appointment for an initial consultation or answer any questions you might have concerning your diagnosis or treatment. Our board-certified physicians can provide same-day appointments to keep you from waiting for relief. 

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