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Physician Wraps Sprained Ankle

Foot and ankle sprains and strains are incredibly common, and they can happen to anyone. From elite athletes to the average person walking a pet, it’s easy to find yourself with one of these painful, mobility-limiting injuries. When you do, you need immediate, effective treatment. At Foot and Ankle Specialists of Central PA in Mechanicsburg, our physician-surgeons offer advanced foot strain care and sprain treatment to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Foot and Ankle Sprains

Ligaments, bands of connective tissue that help form joints, hold the complex series of bones in the feet and ankles together. When these ligaments stretch or tear, a sprain occurs. Sprains most often result from excessive twisting of the foot or ankle while playing sports, walking, or performing another physical activity. The most common sprain symptoms include:

  • Localized pain and swelling
  • Bruising at the injury site
  • Limited range of motion
  • Popping sound or sensation at the time of the sprain

Foot and Ankle Strains

An injury is classed as a strain when a tendon and/or muscle twists, pulls, or tears. Just as the ligaments connect bones to bones, tendons attach muscles to bones to support movement. Acute strains happen quickly and all at once, while prolonged, repetitive movements of the foot or ankle can cause chronic strains. Athletes are especially prone to chronic strains if they don’t get enough rest during intense training regimens.

Whether they’re chronic or acute, serious strains can result when muscles and/or tendons completely or partially rupture. These types of injuries can incapacitate people and require immediate medical attention.

While strains and sprains share many symptoms, a strain is usually accompanied by muscle spasms, cramping, and general weakness at the injury site. Other common symptoms include:

  • Pain and swelling
  • Inflammation
  • Limited range of motion
  • Bruising at the injury site

Sprain and Strain Treatment

If you’ve experienced a sprain or strain, the team at Foot and Ankle Specialists of Central PA will develop a personalized treatment plan suited to your injury. Mild strains and sprains may be treated with the R.I.C.E. approach, which calls for rest, ice, compression, and elevation of the injured foot or ankle. Over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers can also help reduce inflammation and relieve discomfort.

For more severe sprains and strains, our team may suggest physical therapy, a brace or splint, or even surgery. We also offer several advanced pain relief therapies, such as MLS laser therapy and extracorporeal pulse activation technology (EPAT) to help enhance blood flow, reduce inflammation, and speed healing. No matter which treatments are used, we’ll work with you to determine the right methods and ensure your comfort and satisfaction from start to finish.

Sprain and Strain Prevention

While some sprains and strains are unavoidable, prevention can help guard against these injuries. There are many ways to keep your body strong and prevent strains and sprains, including:

  • Daily stretching exercises
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Warm-ups before practices, games, workouts, and other fitness and sports activities
  • Wearing appropriately fitting shoes
  • Participating in a conditioning program to build muscular strength

High-Quality Foot Sprain Care in Mechanicsburg, PA

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of a sprain or strain, visit Foot and Ankle Specialists of Central PA at 4 Flowers Dr, Ste 2 in Mechanicsburg, PA. We’ll diagnose your injury and determine the best treatment for your needs. To learn more, contact us by calling 717-620-8225 or schedule an appointment online now. 

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