Stress Fractures

person in a walking boot due to a stress fracture

A stress fracture is a reaction in a bone due to excessive forces that cause strain, and this can lead to a full break in the bone, if left untreated.  Sometimes, an area where there is a stress fracture can be swollen and warm.  Early changes in the bone may only have pain with no associated findings.

Most people do not realize when they have a stress fracture.  The pain may start very slowly and no specific history of injury or trauma is recalled.  Sometimes, the only relatable finding may be a sudden return to increased activity, such as a gym membership.  At other times, only a very old, worn pair of shoes that have lost all supportive structure are the likely culprit.

If there is pain in your foot that is not responding to rest or ice and becoming gradually worse with activity or as the day wears on, it is a good time to make an appointment with our office.  We will take x-rays and take measures to protect your foot if a stress fracture seems likely.  The sooner a stress fracture is treated, the less likely it will become a full break in the bone that can take much longer to heal.

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