Telemedicine Appointment

Foot and ankle care are essential, but it isn’t always possible to see your physician in person. Concern about the COVID-19 outbreak has urged many healthcare providers to limit interaction between patients and staff. At the same time, individuals with injuries, busy schedules, and serious illnesses may also be unable to visit their physician. To accommodate our patients during social distancing and beyond, Foot & Ankle Specialists of Central PA in Mechanicsburg now offers telemedicine appointments, so you can see a doctor and receive care without ever leaving home. 

What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine describes healthcare provided during a phone or video call. It allows you to set up appointments with your doctor without visiting the clinic, so you can receive medical care without leaving home or missing work or school. Doctors can diagnose problems, discuss treatment options, and write prescriptions for medication, all remotely and in real-time.

While not all appointment types are appropriate for telemedicine, our physician-surgeons can address a wide range of conditions and concerns. The types of consultations that may be performed via telemedicine include:

  • Post-surgical appointments
  • Follow-up appointments
  • New patient appointments
  • Review of diagnostic imaging, such as X-rays and MRIs

Additionally, our team can provide telemedicine appointments for any care that does not require direct contact with the doctor. If you’re unsure about whether telemedicine is appropriate for you, please contact our offices for additional information.

How Does Telemedicine Work?

Our telemedicine platform is powered by the same electronic medical record (EMR) software we use to manage patient records and other data. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, we’ll provide a link via email or text. Click on it at the time of your appointment, and you can connect with your care provider. All you’ll need is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or another Internet-connected device with a webcam, and there’s no additional software to download or manage.

Once connected, it’s easy to explain your symptoms, ask questions, and receive information from your physician. Your doctor will visually assess your condition, review your concerns, and provide a diagnosis or suggest further treatment. If you need medication, a prescription will also be provided at this time. In the end, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a visit to our practice from home.

When Should I Visit the Practice?

While telemedicine is convenient, it can’t replace all in-person appointments. Routine care and physical treatment require a visit to our practice, as will appointments for:

  • Ingrown nails
  • Heavy calluses
  • Injuries
  • Rashes
  • Foot pain
  • Operations and medical procedures
  • And more…

If you need to visit the clinic in-person, we offer valet appointments to reduce social contact. As patients arrive, we ask them to stay in their vehicles until a medical assistant can escort them directly to the exam room. All aspects of your appointment will occur in the same room, including check-in, assessments, over-the-counter medications, and setting up a new appointment. This eliminates direct interaction with other patients or any staff except for the doctor and one assistant, so we can all practice safe social distancing.

Book Your Telemedicine Appointment Today

When it’s difficult to leave home or find time to visit our practice, telemedicine makes it easy to get the foot and ankle care you need. To schedule a telemedicine appointment, visit our patient portal online or call 717-620-8225 today. A member of our team will be available to answer your questions and help determine whether telemedicine or valet appointments are best suited to your needs.