3 Signs You Have Wide Feet

Have you found yourself wondering if you’ll ever find a pair of shoes that will be truly comfortable? If this feels true to your experience, listen up! There are a few tell-tale signs to look out for when it comes to identifying whether or not you may have been buying the wrong size shoes this entire time. As odd as it seems, we can’t go on that initial feeling when trying on a pair of shoes alone. It’s important to factor in things like changes in weather, like heat that may cause your shoes to expand, or cold air that calls for socks which may tighten up the fit of your shoes. Did you know that by the end of the day, your feet are naturally larger than they were at the beginning of the day? This is from the way we use our feet throughout the day leading to slight swelling and expanding in normal scenarios. All of these factors and more can contribute to our feet feeling uncomfortable in nearly every pair of shoes we own, but none more so than having wide feet and not even realizing it!

Check out our top 3 signs you have wide feet:


When our feet are wider than our shoes, this causes our toes to be crammed in. Our big toe can be affected and develop a bunion, which is an inflamed, bony growth that causes the big toe to grow inwards. This is a problem that is often only treatable through surgical correction.


One of the most annoying problems when it comes to our feet are blisters – these happen when our shoes are tight and repeatedly rub against our skin. It causes a blister to form as a defense mechanism to protect the irritated skin.

Flat feet

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll actively notice when your feet are going flat. This can cause us to start feeling uncomfortable in shoes that were once comfortable. Whether it’s genetics, high-impact activities, going barefoot too often, or being obese, flat feet cause your feet to become wider.

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