Fight Fungal Infections This Fall

Jun 15, 2021

Did you know that it’s just as easy to get a fungal foot infection like athlete’s foot or toenail fungus in the fall as in the summer? At Foot and Ankle Specialists of Central PA, we find that patients associate these types of foot problems with summertime when people are spending more time barefoot. However, the cooler weather brings a whole new set of circumstances that provide just the right environment for fungal infections to thrive.

Dark and Damp

Those are two conditions that fungi love! When the temperatures drop, we switch to closed-toed shoes and boots and warm socks. The heat goes up in our cars, homes and offices. Feet spend long hours in warm, moist, confined spaces. You can combat those conditions by making sure you don’t allow your feet to remain damp. As soon as you perceive that your feet are sweaty, change your socks. Since bacteria and fungi can continue to live in your shoes, allow 24 hours for a pair to air out before you wear them again. Spray the insides with a disinfectant spray especially if they smell. Sweat mixes with bacteria to produce that bad odor. If you play a sport or are a runner or workout every day, consider having a second pair of sports shoes to switch off with.

A Protective Regimen

Simple changes in your hygiene routine can also lower your risk of fungal foot infections. Be sure that you wash your feet each day with soap and warm water. Dry your feet completely, especially between the toes as this is the place where athlete’s foot usually starts. Consider using talcum or anti-fungal foot powder every morning when you get dressed. As always, if you are in a public place like a gym or school pool where people are barefoot, protect your feet by wearing shower shoes or flip-flops.

Remember, if left untreated, fungal infections can spread to other parts of your body and to other family members. If you believe you have or are developing a fungal infection or have any other concerns about your feet, make an appointment with us at Foot and Ankle Specialists of Central PA. Our doctors Terry H. Clarke and Karen M. Leonard will diagnose you and treat you appropriately.  Our office serves patients in Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Harrisburg and surrounding communities in Cumberland County. We are located at 4 Flowers Drive, Suite 2, Mechanicsburg, PA, 17050. Visit the Foot Docs by calling 1-717-FOOTDOC!