Turning Heads with Laser Therapy

Jan 15, 2022

If you feel like everywhere you turn when you’re looking into what can be done to ‘fix’ your foot or ankle problem tends to lead to surgery, you’re not alone and you’re not wrong. While there have been major advancements in the world of podiatric medicine and beyond, many facilities are left in the dark and behind the times. As podiatric medicine advances, improvements to existing treatments and procedures have been made, as have entirely new types of treatment. In the past and even in the present, it’s common to see one type of treatment for one kind of condition.

Today, with the help of FDA-approved science and the involvement of innovative podiatrists, there are more options on the table than ever before. One of those options is called MLS Laser Therapy. Otherwise known as multiwave locked system laser therapy, MLS Laser Therapy is a breath of fresh air to the podiatry world. As a therapy, it works to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation in the troubled areas of your feet and ankles. MLS Laser Therapy does this in a way that is painless, non-invasive, and safe.

Utilizing dual wavelengths of infrared light to deeply penetrate the inflamed tissues of our injuries, MLS Laser Therapy subsequently stimulates the regeneration of your problem areas on a cellular level. With success rates that rival surgery, considerably less pain, and no known side effects, MLS Laser Therapy is an enticing new treatment. The known benefits of MLS Laser Therapy include:

  • Gaining the benefits of its strong anti-inflammatory effects
  • Rapidly reducing the pain and discomfort of the affected area
  • Greatly improving blood circulation and health of the affected tissues
  • Significantly reducing the recovery time for several issues
  • Ankle sprains and foot strains
  • Weakened structures and functions of injured region
  • Swelling of affected areas
  • Wounds, ulcers, and scar tissue

If you’re wondering how you can get started looking into your options for MLS Laser Therapy, look no further than our very own Dr. Terry H. Clarke and Dr. Karen M. Leonard of Foot & Ankle Specialists of Central PA. Call us today at (717) 620-8225 to get your consultation squared away! We’re conveniently located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.